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Just a little help to get ready for your stay in Florence !

My recommendation: GET A FIRENZE CARD
The Firenze Card grants admission to the major museums, villas and historical gardens in Florence.
The Firenze Card is valid for 72 hours and provides you the admission only once to all museums of the Circuit, located in Florence. It entitles you to visit permanent collections, exhibitions and other activities held in these museums. You will avoid queues and booking limitations. You are also entitled to use public transports free of charge.
get it here:

Florence tourist information: the tourist office in Florence

All the information you will need to efficiently organise your visit to Florence and its province, from how to get here, to how to get around without a car, as well as useful information for when you arrive. Your vacation begins here...

Museums in Florence  - the official website


CITY OF FLORENCE - Official website:
This website provides information for anyone who feels more comfortable reading English than Italian, foreign citizens who have made Florence their home, young people studying here, or tourists on shorter visits.


The public transportation network in the city is managed by Autolinee Toscane
Riders must purchase a ticket in advance, and validate it in the machines immediately upon boarding.
One-way tickets cost €1.50 and may be purchased at  authorized dealers (newspaper stands, tabacchi, cafés), ticket machines (there is one in Piazza San Marco), and on board (for a surplus, ticket costs €2).

Other  transport companies:

please visit:

 Longer term residents wishing to have access to a car without the trouble of parking and insurance can sign up for annual use of Florence’s car sharing service. You get access to a Fiat Panda for the cost of 120 euros per year, plus 2,70 euro per hour and a fee per kilometer traveled.
 Car sharing pick up / parking points are located at: piazza cesare beccaria, piazza del carmine, piazza d’azeglio, via gaetano donizzetti, piazza dell’indipendenza, piazza pitti, porta romana - piazza della calza redi - viale francesco redi, via san gallo, via della dogana, via de’ renai; there are lots in Scandicci and Sesto Fiorentino as well.

TRAVELLING BY CAR??? please read carefully to avoid fines!!
Driving in Florence    -ZTL - Restricted Traffic Zone
The entire historic center of Florence (approximately the part located within the 19th century ring-roads, a protected "UNESCO heritage site") is a Zona a Traffico Limitato (ZTL) or restricted traffic zone. Special rules govern access to, as well as transit and parking in this zone.
Non residents are prohibited from driving and parking within the ZTL at the following time:
- Mondays through Fridays from 7,30 am to 7,30 pm; Saturdays from 7,30 to 6 pm.
- ... and from May  to September , also on  friday, saturday from 11pm to 3am

The boundaries of the ZTL are well marked. At the access points special bilingual displays indicate - with green and red lights - if the access is authorized or not, according to the time. Those points are controlled by cameras that automatically detect the number plates of the vehicles passing through.
Tourists in cars who need to travel within the ZTL to reach their accomodation facilities, or a garage, can obtain a temporary access permit. In order to obtain the permit they have to communicate the number plate of their car to the relevant  garage which will undertake to forward the same to the appropriate office. This permit will be issued just for a maximum of 2 hours (for baggage transport purposes) only on the arrival and departure dates. For the rest of the stay clients should park their car either outside the ZTL, or leave it in a commercial private garage inside the ZTL.
Attention: the transit is always prohibited, 24/7, in the pedestrian areas and reserved lanes for public transport.


In Florence there are many payment parkings located in every part of the city.
Please visit:


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